A long haired character balances a dagger on her finger tip ready to throw it

Spare Dagger

A beautiful woman is wearing an Art Deco styled Brooch. The brooch looks like a giant beetle. The liquid inside the brooch is glowing

Halo Gem

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf are friends

Little Red

A Curious Mermaid reaches out to the passenger of a boat. The passenger is unaware that she is there

Beguilding Curiousity

A character escapes her space pod. Their arm shatters in the process


A character introduces a child to an aged dragon

Dragon Introduction

A mermaid swimming with her aquatic friends

Under Water

A Skull of a giant deer is decomposing. Insects are crawling inside and outside of the skull

Crawling Infestation

A monk is using her psychic senses to see beyond what her eyes can see

Deep Sight

Marquis Shax rides with their demonic horses

Marquis Shax